Ordo Ab Pax

by Arx

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The debut album from the South African thrash metal outfit, Arx. This is the perfect fusion of old school heavy metal with a very modern flavor.


released April 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Arx Johannesburg, South Africa

We are a progressive thrash/death metal band from South Africa. Arx was formed in 2011 from the ashes of our previous bands and projects. Download all three of our albums for free here on Bandcamp and spread the word.

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Track Name: Ordo Ab Pax
Track Name: The War is On
The War is On

The beast comes out of the sea,
The wailing winds of misery,
Words can't describe,
The horrors you will see and find

Trumpets piercing all your ears,
The sound of doom and death appears,
The grinning whore
Smiling and mocking at your fears

The pleading adoration,
Forgiveness gone,
The hopeless sinners,
The war is on

Have you seen the size,
Waves and oceans rise,
The earth will mastacize,
Purify and exorcise
Get on your, bleeding knees
Track Name: World Lobotomy
World Lobotomy

Imprison the world,
Enslave your souls

And we control almost everything of you,
We follow you when you work, eat and sleep
Just a number in the bad big brother world,
One place, one antichrist

And we crave a world lobotomy,
We amputate your individuality,
Get in line for a mass catastrophe,
One place, one antichrist

We control your money,
You have no money,
We control your identity,
We are your identity,
We control your information,
Hidden horrors
We’re the all seeing eye
Track Name: Shame of Life
Shame of Life

Emptiness is just a dream,
Nothing feels the same again,
I look into this empty void,
The shame of life, is what I feel

Every time I seek salvation,
I keep falling on the floor,
But all that finds me is damnation,
And I can't go on much more,
Mental blocks and suffocation,
Searching for myself alone,
Washing my sins in the river,
I atone and you condone

Emptiness is just a dream,
Nothing feels the same again,
The breaking dawn my last appeal,
My last day, my last stand
Track Name: Inner Voice
Inner Voice

Little voice, is always present in my head,
Inner voice, is telling me to make him dead,
Little voice, is spreading lies into my ear,
Inner voice, its whispers overbear me

Just make these voices disappear,
I pray for silence once again,
Just make these voices disappear,
I want to be myself again

My head is spinning, it's spinning all around,
Just make it stop
Track Name: Holy Tears
Holy Tears

Holy tears dripping down from above,
Healing all my open wounds,
And when the black cloud, approaches the sky,
It rips apart my broken soul

And when I see you,
I'm on my knees,
And I beg you, beg you please

When you look at me with your eyes of hate,
Why do you put me through, such misery,
When you look at me with such pity of late,
As if I'm not worthy of your memory
Track Name: Lost

When you're feeling lonely,
And you're about to die,
Lacking guts and glory,
To withstand your life

When you have nobody,
Not even a single friend,
To support your madness,
And play this losing game

You lost yourself,
Your soul and mind,
And your money too
Track Name: Cease to Exist
Cease to Exist

We're breathing gas,
And explosions all around,
The prophecies came true,
The world now hell and fire

What have you done,
Your shadow groups,
Fashion wicked smiles,
What have you done,
In breaking souls,
And smashing all the towns

Blood's flowing now,
And rivers burning red,
The sky is black and grey,
And this is truly hell

And we cease, and we cease,
Cease to exist, cease to exist
Track Name: Nebula
Track Name: The Locust Horde
The Locust Horde

We're marching to our destiny,
Invading lands and burning homes,
We rape your wife and take your life,
Your children burned liked dirty dogs

Our horde and flag are like the plague,
Like locusts, barren land in wake,
Your land is gone and nothing left,
Our slaves you'll be

The locust horde, feeds again,
Inducing pain and suffering,
The locust horde, raped my land,
Where am I to go

Die, die, die