The Speed of Dark

by Arx

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Gilberto (Gilby) Jorge-Fiuza
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Gilberto (Gilby) Jorge-Fiuza This is a FANtastic THRASH / DEATH / PROGRESSIVE METAL album... and also to show the rest of the world that South Africa has got AWESOME METAL!
\m/, (-.-) .\m/ Favorite track: Fire Inside.
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Thank you for downloading our third album, The Speed of Dark, we really hope you enjoy it. We really appreciate your support and taking the time to listen to our music. Everything on this album was self-written, self-recorded and self-promoted. This album is truly our labour of passion and is a concept album with an evolved Arx sound.

Arx is a band that fuses old school thrash metal with a more modern melodic death metal style. Over the course of our releases, we feel that our sound has evolved and has become unique. Please support us by liking our Facebook page and you can download all our albums for free from our Bandcamp page.


released October 26, 2014



all rights reserved


Arx Johannesburg, South Africa

We are a progressive thrash/death metal band from South Africa. Arx was formed in 2011 from the ashes of our previous bands and projects. Download all three of our albums for free here on Bandcamp and spread the word.

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Track Name: Megalomaniacs
You hide it in plain sight,
Your cunning and deceit,
Your human cattle feed,
And eating up your shit,
You slaughter us in masses,
Tell us you bring peace,
World Wars One, Two, Three,
You're not deceiving me,
When money doesn't matter,
You're megalomaniacs,
Your Babylon shall fall,
Oh mark my words on that

Down, with the elite,
With your deceit,
With your control,
Down, with your order,
With your disorder,
With your new world

I can't believe myself,
How weak the cattle are,
Oh world wake up,
It's time we all rise up,
Their wars on terror,
Are nothing more than lies,
You're not deceiving me,
I see right through their guise,
When power is all you want,
You're megalomaniacs,
Your empire shall burn,
Oh mark my words on that
Track Name: Hate Love
And all my dreams I had, they fell away so hard from me,
I can’t believe that anything is left inside of me

I’m blank, I’m numb, I’m just another scum,
I’m broke, I’m alone, I’m just your sickest joke

I said, I don’t need you, and I said, let me leave you,
And I said, I am hurting too, and in the end, nothing matters to you

I wish I could go back and change it all to some degree,
But life is such I just live on with my misery

I’m bitter, I’m gone, I’m sick to death and done,
I’m pain, I’m hate, I’m just your wasted space

There is no coming back from pain that is just so far gone,
We’ve crossed the line and I’m sure there is just no return

Love hate, hate love, tears flowing from above,
Hate love, love hate, these feelings left us maimed
Track Name: Pulse
And I hate the way I breathe,
Get in line, to take my pills,
Sombre romance, I shall die

Pulled the trigger, feel my pulse,
Life is flashing, before my eyes,
No more reason, to arise

And I hate it when I wake,
Face another, dreaded day,
Reaper's calling me away

Hung the noose, around my neck
Felt the warmth, of death's embrace,
Graceful exit, I cannot stay

I'm sorry I had to go,
I'm sorry it hurt you so,
I wish I could go back,
I wish I could change the past

And I hate it when you weep,
Bury me, into the deep,
Soil covering, my mess

Wrote a note, the reasons why,
Never thought, I had to try,
Selfish reasons, to stay alive
Track Name: Fire Inside
I can see the world before me,
Breaking holy ground,
I can see the end of all things,
King without a crown,
Light falls into dark,
Day turns into night,
I won't give up,
Without a fight

And this, I realise,
And this, opening my eyes

Sight beyond the light,
I see beyond the clouds,
I feel the fire inside

Burn, just burn

Holding anger deep inside me,
Deep inside my heart,
My bitterness consumes me,
Raging all the time,
Light falls into dark,
Day turns into night,
I won't give up,
Without a fight
Track Name: The Speed of Dark
And I'm floating up above,
And I'm watching myself sleep,
I am drifting further to the void,
Somebody wake me please

Dark, embrace,
Release, escape,
Leave, me to go,
Back, to my shell

Release myself, don't let me go into this hell,
The void, stares back at me, I know this isn't going well

Too late I'm falling to the dark,
Nobody helped me stay alive,
The chord is cut and broken free,
I'm travelling at the speed of dark

Help me, I'm gone,
Help me, I'm done

The void has embraced me, this is my reality,
I drift uncontrollably, to nothingness infinity

My soul is gone forever my descent,
My soul is gone forever more
Track Name: The Void
Track Name: The Speed of Light
See the light

Fly towards the sky,
I was freed at last,
I can see the light,
Hell and back again

Hope restored within,
Bliss and blinding light,
Reach towards the sky,
Pain is leaving me

I, soar at the speed of light,
I, winged and full of might,
I, like a bird in flight,
I, soar at the speed of light

Flames can't reach me any more,
Suffering was long ago,
Never going back to that hell,
To that hell

Morphed into the light,
I am one with peace,
Scars and cuts are healed,
Brightness blinds my sight

Joy and ecstasy,
Never felt before,
Where am I right now,
This just cannot be

I have never felt,
Love and happiness,
Could this be the place,
I have heard about

Words cannot describe,
What I'm feeling now,
I am a part of it,
One with this light
Track Name: Mists of Transformation
Hate, it fills my heart with sorrow,
And despair, I wept alone in my own,
Misery, too late I thought to spare my,
Demise, but yet the rays of hope are still alive

I don't want the answers to my questions now,
I don't need to know the reasons why

Mists of transformation, damned if I don't,
Change is separation, left feeling alone

Pain, it's there to remind me that I feel,
Sane, without it I would be so lost,
And numb, remind me yet again why I am,
Here, but yet the rays of hope are still alive

Mists of transformation, my life is a lie,
Mystery or superstition, I bow to the sky

Change or die and live until it fades,
The choice is yours to make until it's gone,
Ask but answers never come to me,
I embrace the change
Track Name: What Could've Been
Regrets and past mistakes,
That take me back to times,
Forgotten lies and sorrow,
I wonder what could've been

I look back to my life,
Bury my head in shame,
Lost out on every turn,
I wonder what could've been

Memory of times before,
Memory of those adored,
Memory of those I've lost,
Memory of pain remains

Nothing will change the past,
Nothing will break this fast,
Nothing will replace the loss,
Nothing will pay my cost

I break these chains of hate,
I look ahead into my fate,
I break these chains of life,
The future beckons for the light

I left it all behind,
I look ahead into the light,
The tunnel ends for me,
I wonder not what could've been
Track Name: Animals in Human Skins
Savage land this is,
Animals in human skins,
Human life has a price,
Doors are locked for the night

Murder, rape and steal,
Animals in human skins,
Never feeling safe,
No reaction for this hate

This is our invasion,
Results of this corruption

Greedy pigs in politics,
Animals in human skins,
Starve the poor and hungry,
They are feeling lucky

Youth is void of future,
Animals in human skins,
Change a distant lie,
Those who speak will die

Rise, for change
Rise, for life
Rise, for hope,
Rise, for light
Track Name: In Pieces
You've ripped me up into pieces,
Those pieces I could never fix,
I'm not the same, now or ever,
A hollow shell of former self

I don't want your toxic love,
Your poison tastes so sweet,
I want to find myself and feel,
But back again to feel the pain

My love, in pieces,
My trust, in pieces,
My soul, in pieces,
My world, in pieces

You've ripped me up into pieces,
Those pieces I can never fix,
Sometimes I wish I could be in pain,
So I could feel alive again
Track Name: Into the Red
All those whispers, terror strikes, in them again,
Walking giants, boulders flying, past their heads,
Fortress burning, swords are grinding, victory,
Maggots eating, the flesh of our enemy

Raise, our flag, into the red,
Smash, the gates, to nothingness,
Stomp, your feet, on their skulls,
Crush, their kingdom is over now,
Fires, burning, redder, hotter,
Screams, and death, are all around,
Into the red

Towers falling, torment coming, punishment,
Kill their soldiers, we will rip off all their heads,
Bring your champions, shining armour, just the same,
Death is coming, mercy is at it's end

Raise, our flag, into the red,
Smash, the gates, to nothingness,
Stomp, your feet, on their skulls,
Crush, their kingdom is over now,
Bleed, behead, rejoice, destroy,
Take, the slaves, and all your plunder,
Into the red

Raise, our flag, into the red,
Smash, the gates, to nothingness,
Stomp, your feet, on their skulls, crush, their kingdom is over, now